Since I'm kinda new here, I still spend much of my mental energy thinking about how to FCL, and wrapping my head around this wonderful bazaar that is Fedora. One of the best parts is getting to enjoy "Fedora-Firsts" on a daily-basis.

Today's firsts were my first non-decause specific wiki page, and first time chiming in on the Fedora-Join Trac.

I spend a lot of mental energy thinking about "HowFOSS", but even moreso "WhyFOSS?" So when I got pinged in #fedora-join today (an up-and-coming new contributor onboarding group within Fedora), I was *EXXSTATIC* when I found Join-SIG Trac Ticket #10, proposing a "FLOSSophy" contest.

I added my thoughts, which were well received so far, and have created a wikipage here for others who want to chime in too:

This is still a very early-on idea, but it won't be for long, as the Join-SIG would like to propose it to the council in the very near future.

I'm likely on the hook for providing a version of my "WhyWeFOSS" as an example, so stay tuned for that post in the near-ish future.