...replied to an important email thread, which caused me to discover a bug, which I reported, to then catch wind of a possible solution, which to attempt I had to hack my .ssh/config, to add a ProxyCommand, to go through a bastion host (which is more than just a hostname I found out today), to clone an ansible repo, hack on a python config, and wield git format-patch and interactive rebasing to squash commits, to attach a clean patch to a ticket, that got shouted out on the mailing list, and accepted during an infra freeze.

If that garbled mess of jargon didn't make any sense to you, fret not. You should find comfort in that at one point in my life--not even that long ago--it would not have made any sense to me either...

Don't be afraid to ask (lots of) questions.
Don't be afraid to get (very) productively lost.
Don't be afraid to be a (complete) beginner.
Don't be afraid.


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