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Being born when I was was a privilege.

I feel connected to everyone. I don't feel like I am disconnected from the Greatest Generation entirely, and certainly not the boomers (my parents), nor GenerationX (my aunts/uncles/peers/mentors) or Millennials (the generation which I am on the cusp of.)

The way I feel connected to these generations of folks, is through common experience. That is why I love the internet so much, as one of the great bridges between the minds of all.

Another is Music.

And particularly, Funk.

Funk, before hiphop, and after jazz, was where remix really came into it's own. Bridging generations, smashing genre boundaries, and overall just being the kind of music that no one can deny--if you've got any funk in you, it makes you move when you hear it.

And whenever I think of the Funk I was raised on, there was no other artist that got more play during my childhood than Prince.

I can close my eyes and still see scenes of my father blaring The Hits long into the Summer Evenings, with our entire back patio full of some of the happiest adult faces I saw as a child. This was easily the happiest I can ever remember seeing my parents when they were together.

I will be *forever* thankful for being exposed to all the music and art that my family listened to together, especially the free speech and sex positive messaging of Prince, even as a youngling.

I didn't always agree with Prince's Iron Fisted attitudes on DRM and "piracy," but his music has defined an era of my life that made me who I am today.

Thank you Prince for manifesting common ground between folks of my generation, and the folks who came before us. Thank you for blurring lines and smashing boundaries--musical and otherwise.

Thank you for all the happiness you brought into my life, and my family's life, through your music.


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