Welcome to the world of static blogs! I've been neckdeep in a seemingly stable and wonderful project called nikola, that allows for some pretty fantastic python static site generation.

I've been using flask for all my "deploying a quick webapp to openshift" needs, which has worked out splendidly, but after experimenting with http://thisweekinfedora.org I felt like I had to dive in head first and see what all the hubub was about.

Some 4-ish hours later, here we are!

Some caveats:

  • The amazing themes listed at bootswatch.com are unvailable to me...
  • I don't even know what I don't know I'm doing wrong yet ;)
  • I'm git push -f openshift master to a fresh php5.4 cartridge
  • Scratch that, I'm no longer force-pushing to production! (but I'm not sure why nikola deploy rsync --delete started allofasudden blowing away .git/ after I had been deploying in such a way for hours this evening...)
  • I've added my Opensource.com articles to my blog via the feed_import plugin!!!
  • I've added my decause.github.io articles to my blog via hand copying the source! Def not as exciting, but still cool.


I'm SUPER excited to play around more with programmatically generating static content with the power of python.

Shout-out lmacken, threebean, and ryansb for their wizardry and patience.


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