Thank you everyone for your input and advice on my previous post about Soylent. Folks seem pretty divided on this particular lifehack, and now I have a much better idea of why, and what the shortcomings of Soylent's current formula are.

Though there is much to be desired in the 1.4 version of Soylent, it is better than the 1.0 version of Drive-Thru nutrition that I've been apt to subsist upon as of late.

I've only got enough for a couple of days, but that should be enough to know whether or not I can stomach it. So far, I've lucked out and I don't hate the taste, though I did wait until I was *rilly* hungry before "eating" to trick my body into enjoying it more ;)

Meal #1 was a success, and I'm bringing Meal #2 with me today to campus.